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I didn't know how much I loved the Cape until I left it. I missed hearing the waves at night, having a beach 2 miles away, every one wearing flip flops and the attitude. Life is so much slower at the Cape. You can relax, take it easy and enjoy the moment. That's why I created Cape Cod Glass Designs. I believe every one should experience Cape Cod. Now you can take that experience home with you. Grab a bottle of wine, a few of our glasses and imagine the salt air. Enjoy, you're at the beach! 

At Cape Cod Glass Designs we feel everyone should "live by the beach", which is why we designed wine glasses with beachy, summer fun designs. Even if you aren't on the cape, you can imagine it by grabbing a good bottle of wine and one of our glasses. 

Mix it up! Our designs can be used instead of wine charms so people remember which glass is theirs.

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Cape Cod Glass Designs

Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States